our story

Design is in our blood and guides every decision we make. Our crew is driven by the pursuit of constant improvement and an insatiable curiosity to find a better way to design, develop, and manufacture high-performance gear.


Shanon Marks / Founder
Experimental engineer from the age of 4, followed by a lifetime of building and engineering – an insatiable curiosity has led Shanon to the additive manufacturing space. 15+ years of award-winning creative direction in digital has refined his approach to problem solving across all types of experiences. A sailor who found his home in the foot straps of a sailboard.


Mark Laughlin
Mark’s diverse background spans environmental design, architecture, branding, traditional advertising, and interactive design. He lectures frequently on digital thinking and currently serves on the Board of Directors at The Creative Circus. When Mark isn't winning awards, and publishing work, he can be found surfing his favorite break.