Made Smart

The 3D printed SmartBoardā„¢ gives you the power to design exactly what you want. Set goals, monitor your progress, and take control through Volumeā„¢. It's what enables our approach to custom board design.



Board construction begins with an internal lattice made from ABSm-30, a high-strength thermoplastic. This reduces weight, while creating a resilient internal architecture. This construction technique has been tested on the wings of commercial airliners for 70 years.


Strength and stiffness are reinforced with the bamboo underlayment and fiberglass shell. We use only low VOC and low toxicity bio-resin to create outstanding results with a mixed-material approach, resulting in a durable, lightweight board.


Every aspect of your SmartBoard is customizable. VOLUME ensures that you have the best shape for your needs - but we let you fine tune, change, or modify any of the board attributes, creating boards for any body, any style, and any level of expertise.